Training courses

Introductory training course

Per popular request, we will arrange a three-day introductory training course after the Ecopath 35 Years Conference, i.e. on Monday, Dec 9 through Wednesday, Dec 11. The schedule for the course is,

    1. Ecopath: Introduction, model parameterization, construction, balancing and interpretation
    2. Ecosim: the foraging arena, time series fitting
    3. Ecosim: incorporating environmental impacts (temp, salinity, pH, ...), mediation, and uncertainty

Participation in the course is limited to 20 and is charged at $900 for the three days ($450 for students)

Advanced training courses

There will be a number of more advanced training courses/workshops after the Ecopath 35 Years Conference, i.e. from Saturday Dec. 7 to Wednesday Dec 11. The workshops will be arranged in parallel, and we are currently canvassing to decide on topics and to identify instructors and resource persons, including by soliciting interest – see Pre-registration. If you are interested in running a workshop/training course, please contact Villy Christensen and Kristy Lewis.

Participation in the advanced training courses is charged at US$300 per course day ($150 for students). Half-day courses at half those charges.