Poster Guidelines

Ecopath 35 Years Poster Presentation Guidelines

At Ecopath35, we are going to embrace a new approach to poster presentations, that has been exhibited at some large conferences here in the states. To gain background on this new format, check out the presentation found here. This new format is meant to drive home your main message quickly and easily, while communicating your science seamlessly to various audiences. In Figure 1 to the right, you will see a great example of how to present your poster.

In addition to this new format, we are requiring ALL poster presenters to prepare a 1-min Lightning Talk. All posters are ‘pitched’ during poster lightning talk sessions that take place throughout the first day before the poster session. Please submit your poster as one power point slide (or one power point slide about your poster) to your session chair before you leave for the conference, and no later than December 2, 2019. During this lightning talk, you will have 1 minute to “pitch” to the conference attendees WHY they should come visit your poster during the poster session. During that one minute, your poster slide (or a slide about your poster) will be displayed but will automatically advance after 1 minute.

Poster Metrics

Portrait orientation (see Figure 1)

3 ft. x 5 ft or 92cm x 152cm

Figure 1. Example format for Ecopath35 posters