We invite sponsorship at different levels:

  • Trophic Level I (Producer): $500+
  • Trophic Level II (Plankton): $1,000+
  • Trophic Level III (Pelagic): $3,000+
  • Trophic Level IV (Barracuda): $5,000+
  • Trophic Level IV.V (Great white) : $10,000+
  • Trophic Level V (Orca): $15,000+

We will use sponsorship funds to help cover expenses for the conference, for sponsoring participants from developing countries, and for student awards. Any remaining funds will be used for development of the EwE software under the direction of the Ecopath International Research and Development Consortium, which also oversees the Ecopath 35' conference and courses.

We acknowledge sponsorship with logos on this website, on the conference welcome screen (displayed before and after sessions and during breaks), and by mentioning sponsors at the opening and closure sessions.

For sponsorship inquiries please contact the organizers at ecopath35@gmail.com.