Ecopath 35 Years

Making Ecosystem-Based Management Operational

Conference and courses, St. Petersburg, Fl USA, Dec 4-11, 2019


The “Ecopath 35 years – Making Ecosystem-Based Management Operational” conference and workshops will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, during December 4 to 11, 2019, to showcase thirtyfive years of progress using the Ecopath approach in different fields: fisheries management, marine conservation, ecosystem dynamics, climate impacts, and ecosystem-based management (EBM), as well as to introduce exciting new facilities of the approach. The gathering will be an international scientific reunion on ecosystem modelling based on the Ecopath and Ecosim modelling framework and software (

We especially welcome contributions that demonstrate progress on making EBM operational. This includes studies/projects that bring ecosystem modelling to the fora where management and policy decisions are made. Fisheries management can be part of that, but the aim is the ecosystem, and with it processes that focus on the spectra of activities that are of importance for management of ecosystems (be they marine, freshwater or terrestrial). It's about ecosystem-based management.

The Ecopath 35 years is hosted by the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in cooperation with College of Marine Science, University of South Florida.

The conference and courses/workshops are arranged under the auspices of the Ecopath Research and Development Consortium, the official cooperative body that oversees the EwE development and cooperation.

The schedule for the conference and training courses is:

  • Tuesday, Dec 3, 5-7 PM: Registration (likely to be held at FWRI lobby). Registration will also be possible on Dec 4.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 4 to Friday, Dec. 6: Conference
  • Saturday, Dec. 7 at 9 AM: Ecopath Consortium General Assembly (open for Consortium members; prospective new members, please contact Villy Christensen or Marta Coll re. participation)
  • Saturday, Dec. 7 to Wednesday, Dec. 11: Advanced courses (parallel sessions)
  • Sunday, Dec. 9 - Tuesday, Dec. 10: Introductory EwE course

Please be aware that the weekend prior to the conference is the US Thanksgiving Weekend, and that airports will be very busy.

Registration is open to October 15, 2019. There's an Early-Bird to September 30.

The deadline for abstract submission is extended to September 30. Abstracts acceptance is contingent on fit with conference program and registration by October 15.

We invite you to participate.

Villy Christensen & Kristy Lewis